A website in two languages? Understand the news

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy.

I had so much to say that I decided to split all my rambling into two texts. This is the first one and the most important, since I wanna explain why the hell a site written in Brazilian Portuguese published a text in English. Alright, let's go.

Cafe Nerd is a news portal about nerd/geek culture like Comicbook.com, Gamespot and so on. It used to be a two person project, but nowadays I'm on "solo career" non-officially. So I've been munching on a lot of stupid ideas ranging from quiting to losing my mind to translating the site. And it's like a Brazilian saying goes: hell is full of good ideas.

Our site is hosted on Blogger, which is equal parts good and bad. The bad part is that Blogger sucks a lot in terms of SEO and features such as localization. (Okay Wordpress, this time you won) I found some tricks and services here and there, but nothing really useful.

And the Google Translate widget? You will ask me. Well, the widget exists. I checked some translations and they are not that far from the original, but they still are a bit off.

So here is the thing:

1) Yes the widget is here

You can find it on the right side. Just click, select your desirable language and you are good to go. Several words will make you "eh?" because they communicate differently in Brazilian Portuguese. This solution is not perfect by any means, but I hope you can enjoy my written craziness in some way.

2) Will you write texts in English? 

Fair question and the answer is I wanna try. But since I'm making this all by myself I don't know how much available time I'll have for that. Not to said my real life issues. Maybe things like reviews, lists and first impressions. One day, hopefully, I can extend the effort to the news.

4) I can't complain. Actually I can

I would make so much more if I had enough help. Maybe this ideia will be worthy even with its limitations. Maybe it will be another regret for my list. But is funny that I'm feeling more at ease writing in English than brazilian portuguese, heh. As Eurythimics say, don't ask me why.

5) Why you made this decision?

I wanna reach new audiences, in special the English speakers because they are the second audience in terms of page views of the site. Also it will be really good for me to exercise my writing skills, which are less rusty than I expected. Small victories and still victories.

So hey! Hello. My name is Bruna. Excuse the mess, haha. I don't even know for how much time I'll run this plan. But I really hope we have a good time.