Overwatch 2 disables another hero due to bug, this time is Mei

Blizzard has announced that it is temporarily disabling Mei in Overwatch 2 following reports of a bug with her Ice Wall ability. According to a Tweet posted on Blizzard's official support profile, because of this issue the Antarctic explorer is allowing heroes to reach unexpected locations. In the same message the development team says that they plan to bring the character back into the game in the next patch, which is scheduled for release on November 15.

The bug is affecting Mei's Ice Wall so that the ability does not block enemy attacks, pushes characters into out-of-bounds areas, and lifts allies. Twitter user stefayylmao1 posted on October 22 a video where after running into the Ice Wall, his character Kiriko enters an area where she can attack enemies without taking damage.


This is not the first time Mei has had problems with her Ice Wall. In 2017 a bug allowed the heroine to be suspended off the map, while still being able to look down and shoot opponents. Whereas in 2019 the bug that affected Ice Wall allowed any player to fly around the map similarly to Pharah.

Mei is not the first character to suffer from bugs in Overwatch 2. The Blizzard game had a release marked by several problems, including bugs that caused Bastion and Torbjörn to be removed from the game.

With Bastion, the bug in his ultimate Configuration: Artillery allowed him to shoot more than three times. The bugged version of Torbjörn's Overload allowed the player to recast the ability again right after use, extending its duration. Both characters have now been fixed and were re-added to the game on October 25th.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.